Free Party Invitation Templates For Word

You can browse and choose the most suitable free party invitation templates for word that suit with your needs. Many types, designs, styles and themes to pick, so make sure to select the best one for your party. Most of free party invitation templates here are fully editable using MS Word version 2007, 2010, 2013, or 2016. We are sure most of you already familiar with Microsoft word, so you wont have any difficulty in making customization on our party invitation templates.

Graduation Party Invitation Ideas
The first is graduation party. It is a party held to celebrate your graduation. It is your precious achievement so that you need to make it as merry as possible. So, you should make graduation party invitations properly. You can bring the theme that relates to graduation such as students, graduation hat, and other ideas. You have to give the graduation party invitations to your classmates. If it is possible, you can also consider inviting other friends at school and even your teachers. Of course it will be a great graduation party.

Birthday Party Invitation Ideas
The most common party is birthday party. So, you can also consider celebrating your birthday. If you are interested in it, you should make birthday party invitations well. It belongs to one of the most important party invitations. In your birthday party, you usually invite your families and close friends. However, if you have more budgets and want to make it merrier, you can also invite coworkers, colleagues, business partners, etc. Birthday party can be considered as an informal party so that the theme should also be informal. For example, if you want to celebrate your 17th birthday, you can choose love theme. You can also adjust it to your desired theme of birthday party invitations such as football, friendship, foods, etc.

Engagement Party Invitation Ideas
Maybe you are not unfamiliar with wedding party. However, before wedding you may also need to hold an engagement party and it requires engagement party invitations. Even though it is not as merry as wedding party, engagement is needed to hold so that many people look to see your promise of love. Engagement party invitations should not as elegant as wedding invitations. It will be better with informal theme and style. You can invite your family only or some other friends too.

Bachelorette Party Invitation Ideas
If you are a girl who wants to get married, it may be important to hold a bachelorette party. It is a party to celebrate your status where you will get married soon. To make the party merrier, you need to make bachelorette party invitations. You should only invite your close female friends. On the bachelorette party invitations, you need to mention the agendas such as watching movies, eating barbeques, etc. It is your private party so that you should not invite too many friends. You may also let them stay with you at your house for a night.

Christmas Party Invitation Ideas
Christmas is celebrated annually on 25th December. If you want to hold a Christmas party at home, you need to prepare Christmas party invitations earlier so that the people you invite can prepare their schedules. The party invitations should use Christmas themes such as Santa Clause theme, for example. Then, the colors usually prioritize red and white that are identical to Christmas. You can give the Christmas party invitations to anyone you want to invite to the party. However, you must plan the agendas properly so that the guests will not be disappointed.

Halloween Party Invitation Ideas
Have you ever held a Halloween party? Of course it is very exciting. For the next Halloween, you can hold it at home. However, you should make Halloween party invitations and invite families, friends etc. Halloween party invitations should be designed well. Make sure that the invitations have scary impression. For example, you can use spider theme, gourd theme, zombie theme, skull theme, or other themes related to Halloween. The scary themes will make the guests more interested to attend the Halloween party.

Tea Party Invitation Ideas
Sometimes, you need to discuss about something with your friends, colleagues, etc. To make it merrier, you can hold a tea party. You should give tea party invitations to the people you invite so that they will be more excited to come. It is an informal party so that you have to make it as enjoyable as possible. You should also choose the theme for the party invitations rightly. For example, you can add a cup of hot tea with its smoke on the invitations. It will also be a good idea to make tea party invitations with informal hangout theme.

Housewarming Party Invitation ideas
If you have just move to a new residence or house, it will be a good idea to hold a housewarming party. It is a party to meet your new neighbors. So, you need to make housewarming party invitations. You can invite some of your new neighbors or all of your new neighbors. In this idea, you should the general or neutral theme for the housewarming party invitations because you are not familiar with your new neighbors. Make the party as enjoyable as possible with informal nuance.

How to Give Party Invitations
After knowing those various parties and invitations, you should know how to give the invitations. The best way is to give them directly. However, if it is possible, you can ask help to your friends to spread the invitations. If you also want to invite your friends who live far away, you can send the invitations via email, BBM, etc. Make sure that the invitations are received by the people you invite.

That is all the ideas of invitations for different parties. There are still many other parties that you may hold. Anyway, the invitations should be customized to the types of the party you hold. Invitation has an important role to make the party merrier. That is why you have to design the party invitations as interesting as possible to impress the guests.