Free Wedding Invitation Templates and Examples

Wherever you make wedding invitations examples, you need to prepare the design first. Firstly, you need to think about wedding invitation wording. What to consider in making the words is the style. You need to choose the style so that you can decide the appropriate fonts used. For example, you can choose classic style. Other options are such as modern style, fun style, informal style, etc. After deciding the style, you can choose the fonts more easily. So, plan it first properly and continue to the next design.

Still related to wedding invitation wording, you also need to pay attention to the parts of the invitations. You have to make sure that you mention at least host line (the parents of the couple), the couple’s names, action line which shows that you invite the people, and information that tells the date, place, time, etc. However, you can also mention extra part on your wedding invitations such as party line. For example, you want the guests wear certain costumes or you mention the agenda in which the guests must follow. The more complete will be better. However, the wording should be as interesting as possible so that the people you invited will not be bored to read it.

Next, you need to design the template. Wedding invitation templates are very important so that you have to plan it properly. There are so many options of wedding invitation templates that you can choose. It depends on your desired choice. You can choose it based on your desired style or other considerations. If you like classic style, you have to choose templates with classic style. Other common styles to choose are such as modern, vintage, traditional, etc. The style has an important role to create the first impression of the invitations you make.

There are many template ideas that you can try. For example, it will be a good idea to try vintage bird invitation template. If you want the more romantic you can use retro floral template for your wedding invitations. You can also consider banded chevron template if you like modern style. The next idea is European floral template. If you want the simple design, you can try gray & yellow dots invitation template. If you want to make your invitations look elegant, Poppy Pocket Fold invitation template becomes a good choice. And there are still many other templates ideas to choose.

How to Address Wedding Invitations
In addressing wedding invitations, you need to do it with the right technique. It depends on the people you will invite because different guests may need different ways of addressing wedding invitations. For example, you want to invite a married couple, a married couple with different last names, an unmarried couple who live together, a same sex couple, a married woman doctor / 2 married doctors, people with certain titles, children & families, kids with above 18 years old, etc. With the right technique of addressing, the guests will feel more invited. However, you can write freely for your close friends.

Wedding Invitations on Budget
Whether it is your wedding or just wedding shower invitations, you plan it properly. If it is for your wedding shower, you may not need too much money because you do not need to make many invitations. However, if it is for your wedding, you must invite many people and you have to know how to make cheap wedding invitations. There are many ideas that you may follow. For example, it will be a good idea for you to use free wedding invitation templates. So, you should not spend much money to design the invitations. Besides, free wedding invitation templates, you can also look for free invitation designs if it is possible. If you are good at designing, I suggest you to design the invitations by your own. It is the most effective way to make cheap wedding invitations. Then, you can also choose the papers with low prices. Different types of paper have different prices. So, you can save much money if you choose the low priced papers. In addition, you can also minimize the guests so that you should not make too many invitations. Or at least, you make an invitation for a group.

Wedding Invitation Tips
In making wedding invitations, there are many tips to pay attention. It relates to wedding invitation etiquette. The first relates to when you send the invitations. It should be about 2 weeks up to 4 weeks before your wedding party. It also happens to wedding shower invitations. So, the guests can prepare their schedules. Besides, it will be better if you also include the spouse for those who are married. This will make the guests more welcomed. For sure, you must allow them to ask their family or couples. Then, you also need to write as complete as information. So, there is no question about the invitations and the invited people can attend to your wedding party excitedly. You should also try to give the invitations to the people you invite, not only send via email, BBM, Line, etc. Giving paper invitations is much more polite than sending the invitations via social media. However, if the invited people are far away, it does not matter. That is all about wedding invitation etiquette that you need to follow. In conclusion, wedding needs proper plans, including the invitations. Everything about it should be clear from designing, addressing to sending. With the right tips, the invited people will prioritize to attend your invitation. Hopefully this will be useful especially for you who want to make wedding invitations.